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With Dad’s big day coming this Sunday (6/18), please resist the temptation to get him the same old thing we see in ads for Father’s Day gifts every year. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but sometimes less is more, especially if clutter is already a problem for Dad. That’s why I’m increasingly in favor of gifts that don’t hang around for long. How about tickets to a sporting event, concert, or movie? Or keep it simple with dinner at a nice restaurant? Believe me, Dad has enough stuff so you can probably skip the following:

10. Hawaiian shirt

9. Fishing gear

8. Hammock

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

7. Home brewing kit

6. Grilling utensils

5. Novelty t-shirt

4. Tools

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

3. Golf stuff

2. Aftershave

1. Necktie (Back away from the ties, lady!)

Spencer Platt/Getty Images