New York City is well-known for their bodegas. For those who have never visited the area, bodegas are small convenience stores that are on every corner. They are a go-to location for locals and are essentially a part of the Big Apple’s landscape.

Artist Lucy Sparrow was inspired by the stores and decided to incorporate them into her latest project. However, it is not a usual rendition of a bodega. This version is made entirely out of felt! Everything, including the vegetables, is made out of the fabric. For those who are well versed in bodegas, this felt version has a cat!

In a video interview with Huffington Post, the British artist said, “I wanted to create this all-encompassing art experience of a bodega which ic completely disappearing in New York City and I’ve recreated this in felt.”

The piece is currently located in The Standard Hotel, High Line, in Manhattan. Sparrow’s inventive creation is officially called “8 ’Til Late’. There are estimated to be 9,000 parts on display in the exhibition. The artists and her assistants made the bodega in London “from wool pressed and rolled into felt” says the Huffington Post. Once the piece was finished, Sparrow shipped it to the United States. In total, the bodega weighed 9 tons and took around four planes to safely bring it to its destination.

Sparrow said, “the convenience store and bodega is where you would go and see your neighbors and have a chat and see if everything was still okay. I think we are all leading such narrow lives that we are living online rather than actually living in the present.”

According to The New York Times, everything in the felt bodega is for sale. Granted, they are a little bit more pricey than your local store’s items. Small felt items run for as low as $15, while the whole bodega will cost you $500,000.


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