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I worked in radio  in Orlando, FL for 14 years prior to coming to Charlotte.  Yup, the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ was just down the road. I did many radio station broadcasts from Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and the Universal parks.  They’re known as ‘The Attractions’ if you live there.

But what if you work there?

My neighbor, Carolyn, still works for Disney. She travels the world working behind the scenes before each park is opened. She’s enlightened me on specifics of being a Disney employee. Some of the best stories are of the funny/odd stipulations of wearables that those ‘Cast Members’ must follow that work in the offices  – and not directly in the parks. (More on that later).


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Two things that we’ve chuckled about endlessly, are the earring stipulation and something called ‘toe cleavage.’

Earrings:  They can’t be dangling, and must be tight to the ear – i.e. ‘button’ earrings.


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Toe Cleavage:  Think about it. God forbid that you let the place where your toes actually connect to the foot show. In other words, no ‘low cut’ shoes on the foot. More recently, ‘spectator’ or ‘backless’ shoes HAVE been allowed. Go figure.


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Back to those representing Disney in the actually parks. Per


  • All Cast Members – they’re not just ’employees,’ must attend ‘Disney University’ to be schooled on all things Disney.
  • There is a Disney ‘Look Book‘ – with specifics on how to represent the company in the Parks.
  • Behind closed doors – there’s a ton a fraternizing between employees!
  • Cast Members can actually purchase unclaimed lost and found items!
  • Occasionally, park guests get sick. There’s a code word for ‘vomit’. Again, just so you know.
  • There is a specific way to discretely pick up trash.




All this to make sure that your Disney vacation and near $100 per ticket per day park experience is as near-perfect as it could be!