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Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

It’s time for another Totally Random Educational Video! In this installment, we’ll learn how the most important piece of equipment in America’s pastime is made.

The sports we love are always evolving, but some things never change. Did you know that each official baseball used in professional games is still made to league standards for uniformity in circumference and weight that date back to 1872? Even the materials used are surprisingly old-fashioned: cork, rubber, wool yarn, and leather. And all 108 stitches are done by hand. It takes one week to make a baseball from start to finish.

It’s strangely satisfying, and even hypnotic, to watch the various pieces of a baseball come together. I also find it comforting that, in our increasingly automated world, there’s something that is still carefully crafted by human beings in a decidedly low-tech way.