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I never go to a movie on opening night because I’d rather not sit in a crowded theater. But tonight is different. There was never any question that my family would see Cars 3 as early as we could.

As we head into Father’s Day weekend, please allow this middle-aged dad to reminisce for a moment. My oldest son’s first word was not “dada,” or even “mama.” It was “car.” As a toddler, he would climb onto the living room sofa, look out the picture window, and every time one drove by, he said in his little voice, “car.” He’s fifteen now but his love of cars is just as strong and he has an equally-passionate automotive ally in his younger brother. They’re the reason I have now been to four NASCAR races with another one coming this fall. Before kids, I never thought that would be a part of my life, but I’m glad it is. The fun surprises that come with parenthood are what make it all worth it.

The original Cars is undoubtedly the most significant film in our family history, followed closely by Cars 2. With the third installment opening today, our tradition continues. We’ll be in the theater with popcorn on our laps and anticipation in our eyes. I already feel more than a little wistful knowing that, in a just a few more years, my two car-crazy boys will be driving off to follow their own roads. But until then, KA-CHOW!