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Whaaa?  Really? Ole’ Abe – sexy?

Most of the pictures we’ve seen of our revered 16th President show him haggard and drawn, from dealing with a country divided and a less-than-peaceful personal life.

Many of us have never seen pics of a younger Abe. Before law school, before the Presidency.  Now, the visitors at Chicago’s Senn Park are seeing quite a different Abe.


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Some are calling the statue ‘Babe-raham Lincoln!‘  

Some just refer to him as ‘B’abe’.

Per, folk s are flocking to see this Abe with”wavy locks, that square jaw and those strong arms…note the open shirt and bare feet. He’s just hanging out on a stump with a faraway look in his eyes.”

Yea, baby!

Artist Charles Keck created this Abe version called “Young Lincoln” back in 1945, and that’s pre-social media. It’s taken 72 years, but now people are taking note, and are taken a bit aback.