Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

I’d like to say this little island ‘has appeared out of nowhere,’ but odds are, it’s been a gradual build up of sand, courtesy of waves, and tides…maybe with a little help from the gulf stream?

But then again, what do I know…I’m a Disc-Jockey, for goodness sake.



Anyway, the locals are calling it ‘Shelly Island,‘ by the abundance of them on this little atoll.

Per the The Virginian-Pilot, the island “formed off the tip of Cape Point in the Outer Banks near a popular fishing spot and the iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The (island) sandbar is about a mile long and three football fields wide.

Officials are also warning the curious not to walk or swim across the current.

Bill Smith, president of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association says, along with sharks and large stingrays in the surrounding waterway, there could also be discarded fishing hooks in the sand or on the beach that could catch a foot and ruin a family vacation.

Sadly, the folks that are familiar with the Cape’s ever-changing coastline say the island could disappear as quickly as it arrived.