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The story –  and the couple – are legendary!

Sharon Levy met Ozzy at 18 (he was 22) while her father was managing his band Black Sabbath. He left the band she continued to date him and then became his manager.

35 years ago – in 1982 – they married in Maui, Hawaii. 

Through their well-documented personal lives, you probably know of two of their kids – Kelly, who’s 32, Jack, who’s 31, but there’s also their eldest child – Aimee, who didn’t care to appear on ‘The Osbournes’ TV show, and is 33.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images


As reports, “..they were never going to live the quiet suburban life, and over the decades their marriage was tested by substance abuse….(and) Over the years they weathered surprising reality show success with MTV’s “The Osbournes,” rehab, colon cancer (Sharon) and most recently, a 2016 split after accusations of infidelity (Ozzy).”

Today, Ozzy is still performing, and Sharon keeps busy as a co-host on ‘The Talk.’ 




They’ve certainly weathered their share of storms, but Tuesday, on their actual (July 4th) anniversary, Sharon tweeted, “Thank you Ozzy for 35 crazy & wonderful years. Here’s to the next chapter of our lives. Love you more today than yesterday. Always remember: You carry my heart in yours, and it’s getting older and needs protecting. Happy Anniversary.”

A happy declaration, and a subtle reminder.