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If you’re a woman, odds are, you’ve worn one. A bridesmaid’s dress.

Odds are, it wasn’t your color, style, or something you would have ever bought for yourself.

Odds are, the bride you’re ‘serving’ probably told you that they would be so pretty, you’d be able to wear said obligatory dress again.

But odds are, you never will.

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Now, let’s take the case of former bridesmaid Heidi Mann of Overland Park, Kansas.

It all started when Tammi Sauer of Edmond, Oklahoma, shared some pictures of her 1995 wedding on her anniversary and apologized to her bridesmaids for the dresses.

The handmade dresses were quintessential 1990s — the floor-length, off-the-shoulder number in fashionable burgundy, with lovely brocade  decorative white trim was created from a Jessica McClintock pattern.


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Heidi responded in a hilarious Facebook post that shows how she “wears hers all the time around the house, watering her garden, doing laundry and just lounging around,” per  

You’ve gotta see ’em to appreciate them!