Yup, our favorite goofy, oft-disheveled and sweaty ‘Fixer Upper’ hubby and father has a trending ‘man bun’ a photo that wife Joanna has posted on Twitter.

The tweet reads, “He competes with the view. Man bun, tube socks, adult onesie and all… He still looks mighty fine to me❤️#workcation #bookcamp


Yea, baby!  The man who crashes through drywall and holds huge beams above his head (with a little help, often), has grown out his unruly strawberry locks and viewers have posted both ‘atta-boys,’ and notes of their dismay.

The rest of his look? Well, Joanna does have one pant leg rolled up too…sooo???

Today.com reports that “Chip has a book coming out in October, “Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff,” so maybe we’ll see more of that longish hair.  Today goes on to say, “The book is targeted to readers looking to succeed in business and in life, according to a description on the couple’s website, MagnoliaMarket.com. ” 

Book writing isn’t knew to Chip and Joanna. Last yeara they released “The Magnolia Story,” –  a New York Times best-seller.