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I’m so jelly – but then, again, you can’t win, if you don’t play.  I always forget to buy lottery tickets – that is – until the jackpot gets HUGE.

Lottery tickets (in my life), are generally bought by my hubby!

California teen, Rosa Dominguez, who’s 19, is in the habit of buying scratch offs. Driving home from Arizona one day, she stopped at a gas station and bought a few scratch-offs. Turns out, one of the $5 scratch-offs turned out to be a winning ticket worth $555,555!


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And who says lightening never strikes twice?  Just days after winning a half- million+, Rosa stopped at a different gas station, bought another $5 scratch-off — and she won again! This time she pocketed (a ‘paltry) $100,000!


What will the 19 year-old do with her winnings? “Go shopping and buy a new car!”


(Ok – the practical mother in me is saying – what – no college???’)