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We haven’t had any heat advisories issued yet this summer, but that could change later in the week. The highs in Charlotte will be close to 100 this Friday and Saturday. It could always be worse. At least we don’t live in one of the ten hottest places on Earth, listed here with their record-setting extreme temperatures:

1. Al’Aziziyah, Libya (136.4 F)
2. Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, California (134.0 F)
3. Ghudamis, Libya (131.0 F)
4. Kebili, Tunisia (131.0 F)
5. Timbouctou, Mali (130.1 F)
6. Araouane, Mali (130.0 F)
7. Tirat Tavi, Israel (129.0 F)
8. Ahwaz, Iran (128.3 F)
9. Agha Jari, Iran (128.0 F)
10. Wadi Halfa, Sudan (127.0 F)