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How can this be?

When little Carter Louise Settle was born last month, she made history!

Dad Will Settle told in Savannah, Georgia, “My father actually did some homework….he started to think back, ‘you know my father didn’t have any sisters, my grandfather may of had some sisters…’ and started to kind of move further back and found out there hasn’t been one in that long.”

In fact, it’s been 137 years since the Settle family has given birth to a baby girl!

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In the past year, newborns have made headlines as the first girl or boy after 50 or 100 years… but the Settles set the new record.

Little Carter Louise was born on Sunday, June 25…at “6 lbs. 14 oz…19 inches… and she’s perfect,” mother Kelen Settle.”

Dad Will is in the billboard business, and he was in for another big surprise:

“A guy I work with said you need to drive to Savannah turn around and come back,” I did. I went down and turned around and couldn’t believe!”

A bright pink billboard had been posted, reading ‘Welcome to the world Carter Louise Settle!’ 




Will said, “I couldn’t believe how bright pink the billboard was.”

Catch it on your next trip driving to Savannah or to the Lowcountry on HWY 315.