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It has been ninety-nine years since a total eclipse of the sun was visible across the entire contiguous United States. We won’t see another major solar eclipse until April 8, 2024. You need to make the Great American Eclipse on August 21st count and that means being prepared with the right kind of protective eyeglasses. Without them, you could literally be left seeing a dark crescent shape for the next six months to sixty years! The good news is that you don’t have to spend much. Some of them look very similar to the cheap cardboard 3-D glasses that you get at movie theaters.

JAXA/NASA/Hinode via Getty Images

NASA says the only time it’s safe to look at the sun without some sort of eye protection is when it’s fully eclipsed. If you’re watching from Charlotte you’ll be close but not as close as in Charleston, Columbia or Greenville, SC. Even if you do make the trip to see the total eclipse, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Regular sunglasses don’t cut it. You want to buy glasses with CE and ISO certified solar safe lenses. Amazon has a lot of multi-pack options so you can easily get shades for your whole family.