If you’re of a certain age, you immediately think of the famous Tarzan yell when you hear the name Carol Burnett. It was just one of the many gags that endeared her to TV audiences in the 1960s and ’70s when her brilliant variety series The Carol Burnett Show ran for eleven seasons on CBS. Carol and her hilarious ensemble cast of Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, and Tim Conway created some of the most memorable moments in television history. Decades later, the 84-year-old entertainer still gets the big laughs and; after making appearances on shows like Glee, Hot in Cleveland, and Hawaii Five-O in recent years; is mounting a major comeback with not one, but two new shows of her own.

An entirely new generation of viewers will have the chance to discover the comedic talent of Carol Burnett in 2018 when Netflix rolls out A Little Help. The unscripted series will feature Carol Burnett and celebrity guests presenting problems to be solved by a panel of kids between the ages of four and eight. Based on the teaser promo, it appears to have a Kids Say the Darndest Things quality about it. And the significant age gap between Carol and the kids should be great fodder for funny.

Carol has also has filmed a sitcom pilot for NBC. In Household Name, she plays an aging Hollywood star. Sounds like a good fit. Another very funny woman, Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation) is one of the executive producers. It remains to be seen if the show will be picked up so keep your fingers crossed.