Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

I’m over the age of 40, but I don’t know what a “typical” woman is supposed to wear. That said, what’s “typical” or “normal?” Now I understand some of the thing on this list, but some of them I don’t. Here are some examples:

Ugg boots — I have “Fred Flintstone” feet and these things are great for women with wide feet. I’ll be rockin’ some of the Ugg knock-offs all winter long.

Printed leggings — I say if you have a cute sweater or tunic, then why can you wear printed leggings?

Cheap jewelry — Heck, that’s all I own! I like big, chunky, funky pieces and sometimes you can find them cheap. I say wear what you want! If you are confident and comfy, then go for it! Screw this list!

Check out the list here and let me know your thoughts.