If you have the travel bug like I do, you’re probably always thinking about the next place you’d like to visit. Lately, I have been going back to places that I visited when I was a kid traveling with my parents. My recent trip to Puerto Rico was similar to one my family had made in the 1980s. But next year, I want to go somewhere I have never been before, like Asia or South America.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) keeps track of growing trends in international travel. What they found from 2016 to 2017 is surprising. Despite unrest of all sorts across the globe, travel has increased significantly and the places where people are choosing to go are not without their risks. For example, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, and the Palestinian territories all rank in the top ten.

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The Northern Mariana Islands are third on the list. If you don’t know where the Northern Mariana Islands are, don’t feel bad. I had to look them up too. The U.S. commonwealth sits in the Pacific Ocean about 125 miles northeast of Guam. I’m guessing the UNWTO published this list before North Korea aimed their missiles in that direction. Here’s the list of the fast-growing tourism destinations for 2017:

1. Palestinian territories (+57.8%)

2. Egypt (+51%)

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3. Northern Mariana Islands (+37.3%)

4. Iceland (+34.9%)

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5. Tunisia (+32.5%)

6. Vietnam (+31.2%)

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7. Uruguay (+30.2%)

8. Nicaragua (+28.4%)

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9. Mongolia (+28.3%)

10. Israel (+25.1%)

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