Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

According to a new survey, 54% of people don’t like answering the doorbell. I’ll admit it….I’m definitely one of those people. I hate it when someone knocks on my door or rings the doorbell. I don’t like the “pop in.” If I’m expecting someone, that’s different. But if I’m home and the doorbell just rings, it makes me crazy. My dogs bark, usually I’m not dressed appropriately to get the door, and truth told, I am usually busy doing something. It’s is interesting that so many of us don’t like answering the door now.

I grew up in the 80’s. When someone knocked on the door or rang the doorbell, it was exciting. You wanted to see who was there! Usually your parents invited the person or people inside, offered them coffee or a beverage, and were very hospitable. Having company was a treat! The world is different now. We don’t trust others as much as we used to. It can be dangerous to just open the door now and let someone in. I find it odd that door-to-door sales is still a thing! I wonder if social media has anything to do with so many of us not wanting to answer the door. We know so much about our friends, neighbors, and co-workers now just from social media.

All I know is, if the doorbell rings at my house, I pretend that I’m not home. Am I the only one? I think this sums it up! 🙂