Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

I was at the grocery store this weekend, waiting for my turn at the deli counter, and I experienced something gross. Let me first off say that I’m not a prude. I’m a pretty laid back chick! But this incident gave me the willies. A woman placed her order at the deli counter, and the deli associate asked the woman if she’d like to taste the meat she was ordering. The woman said yes, and then proceeded to take the bright green gum out of her mouth, and she put it on her finger. The woman then ate the slice of meat, and put the gum back in her mouth. THEN the woman began popping the gum in her mouth. UGH! I have a very close girlfriend that will put her gum on the side of her plate at a restaurant, eat her food, and then put her gum back in her mouth. Makes me crazy!

I don’t mind gum chewing, but come on people. Gum isn’t THAT pricey! And it gets all nasty and hard once it hits the air for a bit. You know the flavor is gone. I think there needs to be a bit of gum control! If someone wants to chew gum, I’m all for it but I think there should be rules.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:
1. No gum popping or smacking gum if you’re over the age of 10. No bubbles or pulling gum out of your mouth either.
2. No chewing gum while on television, at work, or at a wedding or a funeral.
3. Once the gum comes outta your mouth, it goes in the trash. Don’t “hold onto it”
4. Don’t chew gum while speaking to a large group. Public speaking while chomping on gum…..noooooo.
5. Chewing gum while on a job interview, applying for a loan, or in front of the parole board is a no go. Looks tacky.

Gum control! Learn it, love it, live it. 🙂