Matt Knighton / Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing / Volvo Ocean Race via Getty Images

Lots of people know me as a bitter, sarcastic, funny chick. And I totally am! But I have a huge heart, and I can get teary eyed very quickly. I’m not sure why this story hit me so hard this morning. Maybe it’s because, like most of you, I’ve been seeing so many heartbreaking pictures of destruction and devastation in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Harvey have taken lives, destroyed homes, and left so many people in dire straights. And yet, there is still faith. And Hope. Hope is a 10 day old little girl whose family was rescued from their home in Orange, Texas during Hurricane Harvey. Hope’s parents were connected with a photographer, who took some amazing photos of the little girl on the boat that rescued her. When all the darkness so many people are having to experience, here’s an very bright ray of sunshine. The pictures of Hope touched my heart and made my eyes a bit glassy. You can read the story about Hope and her family, and see the pictures here.