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I give my Mom a hard time on the radio, but my Mom is my best friend. We talk on the phone every day, and share laughs and tears. I would truly be lost without her. I stumbled across this list this morning, and it made me realize that I need to spend more time with my Mom. Now, we have done a few things on this list….we’ve had cocktails together, shopped together, played board games, stayed up late watching movies…..but there are so many things on this list that we haven’t done! And as I scrolled through the list, I realized there are so many things I’ve never thought about doing with my Mom. I’ve never thought about doing karaoke with my Mom, or going on a weekend getaway. As I get older, and my Mom gets older, I need to focus on spending more time with her.

See the “40 Things To Do With Mom” list here. And if you haven’t talked to your Mom today… her. 🙂