Time to get honest! I’m a single, 47 year old woman that does not go out lots. I’m way past meeting a man at a bar, and truth told, I’m not yet comfortable with online dating. It just seems weird to me. Am I the only one? I am also not the best “picker” so to speak. I tend to gravitate towards men that come across as confident, but in reality, are insecure and are just crazy. LOL! I’ve had some people say that I’m “too picky” but having been married and divorced twice, I think it’s ok not to settle! I’m not looking for perfection, just someone who’s crazy matches mine.

This morning, I was doing some show research, and I came across a new app called “Matchmaker”…it’s part of “Hinge”, which is another dating app. I’ve never heard of either app. “Hinge Matchmaker” will allow people to see which of their friends are on Hinge, and then make recommendations by suggesting potential matches. The new app works by suggesting potential matches, based on the matchmaker’s pool of Facebook friends who are using Hinge. So, basically, you’re letting your friends on Facebook set you up with some of their OTHER friends on Facebook. You’re putting your trust in your friends. Part of me thinks this would be a great idea since I constantly choose the “wrong” guy. The other part of me thinks this could lead to disaster. Ruining a great friendship isn’t worth a potential date. Then again, you’re really close friends know you and know of the mistakes you’ve made in the past, so it could work out. I’m still on the fence about this idea. What are YOUR thoughts? You can read more about the apps here.