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I love to cook! Especially in the fall. Despite the hot temps, I’m still ready to rock out the crockpot, and my casserole recipes. Now, my recipe list is pretty long, but I found the “141 Most Delish Comfort Foods” article this morning, and think I need to add a few to my list. On my personal list are White Chicken Chili, Homemade Chicken Orzo Soup with Lemon, Mediterranean Turkey Breast…so good, and Beef Stew in a Pumpkin…great for a Halloween dinner. After reading the “Delish” list, I can tell I’m gonna be spending lots more time in the kitchen. The “Delish” list, which you can check out here, has a few interesting recipes that I’ve never heard out. A few stand-outs include “Waffle Fry Pot Pie”, “Cheese It Meatloaf”, Cheese Stuffed Cornbread”, and something I’ve never heard of called “Totsagna.” The “Totsagna” is a tater tot lasagna so yeah…….I’m in!

It’s officially fall so I say we crank up the air conditioning and get to cookin’ some seriously tasty comfort foods. Now, if I can just find my comfy sweatpants with the elastic waist….I think they’re gonna come in handy after reading this list of yummy foods.