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My family is one step closer to taking an overseas trip. We went to the USPS Northeast Station in Charlotte to renew our passports yesterday. We had to complete four applications, have four new photos taken, and write four checks. I expected it to be like a typically painful visit to the DMV, but it took less than an hour. The passport staff at that office is incredibly efficient and courteous. Now that our paperwork is filed, we can begin working on our behavior.

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ve surely noticed how American customs and mannerisms can differ significantly from those of your destination. It just comes with the territory of experiencing another culture. The trick is to avoid inadvertently offending anyone.

The video below gives an overview of some behaviors that could cause a kerfuffle in other countries. It covers topics such as the volume of one’s voice, complaining in restaurants, tipping, appropriate wardrobe choices, punctuality, and PDA. Fortunately, my trip isn’t until December so I have plenty of time to learn where and when I can make out with my wife.