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It can strike when you least expect it. You feel helpless and weak, as though it’s squeezing the very life out of you.


Do you experience symptoms of annoyance or anxiety due to any of the following?

– Workplace gossip

– Romance gone wrong

– Family disputes (both holiday- and non-holiday-related)

– Whiny offspring

– BFF be flipping out

– Washington politics

– Kardashian pregnancies

If you answered yes to any of those, talk to your doctor about new prescription-strength Nodramatol. Once-a-day Nodramatol works as a nonsense inhibitor and B.S. blocker. In a clinical study, patients who took Nodramatol reported significantly lower levels of “having-it-up-to-here” and “you-are-getting-on-my-last-nerve,” versus those who were given a placebo.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

WARNING: Nodramatol should not be taken without first realizing you are above all of the foolishness and your time is too valuable to be wallowing in that mess with a bunch of knuckleheads. Side effects may include actual happiness, elevated self-esteem, freedom to live one’s life, loss of heaviness on shoulders, and increased urge to use the phrase “Bye, Felicia.”

You don’t have to drown in the drama. Get rid of it all…with Nodramatol. Use only as directed.

(DISCLAIMER: Do not ask your pharmacist about Nodramatol. It does not exist. But wouldn’t it be great if it did?)