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Melany Myers

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Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I work with the most amazing people! Here at the radio station, we have a young sales person who is originally from England. His name is Justin. Justin hasn’t been home for Christmas in a few years. He recently posted a childhood photo of himself and his brothers at Christmas time on social media. One of Justin’s co-workers saw it, and decided to play “Santa’s Little Helper.” Justin’s co-workers contributed money, and they purchased a plane ticket to England, so that Justin could go home for Christmas. The sales team held a “meeting” today, and they presented Justin with the ticket home.

This story restored my faith in humanity. With all the bad news that surrounds us, this story made my day! I actually got a bit teary eyed when I heard the story. And THAT is rare for me. 😉

Be kind. Always. I hope your weekend rocks!