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…And The Bon Jovi/Richie Sambora Reunion Talk Is Underway!

It was only a matter of time before this happened. 

TMZ tracked down Richie Sambora recently and asked if he’d be willing to perform with Bon Jovi, and he was all for it.

Richie Sambora Would Play with Bon Jovi Again if Inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Richie Sambora says a reunion with Bon Jovi is on the horizon IF they get inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ... but the people truly gotta want it.

We can’t see there being much drama around Sambora performing with the band.  After all, things have been very cordial in the press, and since Bon Jovi has always been a band of the fans, we doubt they’d let anything stand in their way of giving their fans what they want.

Of course, the biggest thing standing in the band’s way is actually getting the nod for induction, which fans can help with by taking part in the Rock Hall’s fan vote at

What do you know?  Bon Jovi is leading the fan vote.  Well then…carry on with your voting!


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