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Unusual names in sports are not limited to racehorses. There have been plenty of doozies over the decades across the entire spectrum of athletics. You may recall Wonderful Terrific Monds, Scientific Mapp, Coco Crisp, I.M. Hipp, Guy Whimper, Fair Hooker, World B. Free, Picabo Street, Yourhighness Morgan, Will Barrow, and Creedence Clearwater Couto, just to name a few. We’ve even had a few come through Charlotte, like Razor Shines and Captain Munnerlyn.

Most of the aforementioned athletes are retired from competition. In the interest of keeping Top 10 Tuesday as up-to-date as possible, below are some of the most interesting names among current college football players. Kudos to Brigham Young University for having two players on this list:

10. Handsome Tanielu (BYU) – That’s a lot of pressure on a young man, but not as much as Wonderful Terrific Monds must have felt.

9. Bubba Fludd (Southern Mississippi) – Where else would a guy named Bubba Fludd play football, Vermont?

8. Maximilian Thrower (Northern Illinois) – Sadly, Mr. Thrower is not a quarterback. Still a cool football name.

7. Hasan Defense (Kansas) – He found his place as a cornerback.

6. Dee Liner (Arkansas State) – And this guy is right at home on the defensive line, a.k.a. “d-line.” Really!

5. Chad President (Tulsa) – He was just a toddler during the hanging chad presidential election of 2000.

4. Lyndon Johnson (Cincinnati) – Speaking of presidents…

3. James Peach (Troy) – At 6’5″ and 293 lbs., he is sort of a giant.

2. (tie) Poutasi Poutasi (California); Fa’avae Fa’avae (Washington State) – The players so nice, they named them twice.

1. Squally Canada (BYU) – That’s Squally in the photo above celebrating his top spot on this list. Or a touchdown.