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Fidget spinners might help kids focus on some tasks at school, but what if they need their hands to write or turn pages? Scott Ertl, an inventor and former school counselor from Winston-Salem, appears to have solved that problem with Bouncy Bands.

When a student has Bouncy Bands attached to the front legs of their desk or chair, they can fidget away without disturbing others in the class. All of that youthful energy gets released through their own legs. According to a study conducted at Clemson University, it seems to be working. Researchers have found that chronically distracted children, such as those living with ADHD, who use Bouncy Bands are able to pay more attention to their assignments, which has to make teachers and parents ecstatic.

Do you think this would work for any kids you know? You can read more about Bouncy Bands and the Clemson University study here.