Relationship goals…we all have them. I have some friends who define my “relationship goals.” Kristen and Alan totally represent the kind of relationship I’d like to have one day. Kristen and Alan both work at an upscale restaurant, so they have crazy schedules. Alan is a chef, so the two enjoy eating. When I see the pics they post on social media, it makes me smile. They’re always making food for each other, taking care of each other after a long night at the restaurant, and showing their cute dog swimming or snuggling. They both have a great sense of humor, and enjoy life. AND the picture I’ve included as the header, is a prime example. Apparently Alan put felt the need to apologize to Kristen, and he did it with this cake. CRACKED me up! Congrats to Kristen and Alan, who will be married soon! One day, I hope to find this kind of fun love. 🙂