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Could You Live In The 1980s Again?

Historic re-enactors are an interesting lot. There are folks who enjoy dressing up in costumes from just about every time period. On any given weekend, you can watch them recreate Civil War battles up from Gettysburg to Vicksburg. Visit Jamestown, VA for a taste of ye olde colonial life. Or stop by the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville to party like it's 1399. But one family in Canada decided that going back thirty years would be far enough...because they weren't just doing it for a weekend.

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Blair McMillan and his partner, Morgan Patey, decided to transform their Guelph, Ontario home to look like it would have in 1986, the year they were born. The idea was to live without current conveniences and technology for twelve months in an attempt to be more connected with one another. Fortunately for all involved, the couple's sons were only 5 and 2 when they undertook this in-house social experiment. Had the kids been teenagers, Brian and Morgan might have had a mutiny on their hands once the smartphones and tablets went away.

Would your family be able to pull off an '80s time warp for an entire year? I'm not sure what would be harder, giving up the Internet or growing a mullet. See what Brian and Morgan's experience looked like below: