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Mel and I agree about a lot of things, especially when it comes to food, but there’s one thing on which we don’t see eye to eye. Or belly to belly. Her go-to fast food fried chicken chain is Chick-Fil-A. That’s right, the Gastonia girl bows down to the bland bird from Atlanta. Shameful. On the other hand, yours truly, the northern transplant, brakes for Bojangle’s.

To me, there’s no comparison. The place with the cows in their commercials doesn’t even come close. Bojangle’s is all about flavor. Their chicken has just the right amount of heat. And their seasoning is why I say Bojangle’s has the best fries in all of fast food. Pillowy soft potato inside, crispy seasoned perfection on the outside. But then there are the biscuits, mac & cheese, breakfast sandwiches, Bo-tato Rounds, rice bowls, and sweet potato pie. And it’s about to get a whole lot easier to get some.

In the coming months, Bojangle’s will be experimenting with delivery service from ten of their Charlotte locations. When that happens, I and my fellow Bojangle’s devotees will be able to savor that golden fried hometown treasure without having to drive anywhere. It will allow us to remain more productive. Productivity is good for the economy. A strong economy is good for the country. Therefore, Bojangle’s delivery is good for America.

It’s too bad Mel is on a cruise this week because I think I just won our chicken argument but I didn’t get to win it on the air. I’ll have to email this to her instead.