By Gil C/Shutterstock

Netflix users beware! There’s an email being sent out to Netflix subscribers that mimics an email from the streaming service directly, however, it’s a scam.

What’s more troubling is the email tells subscribers that their account will be suspended if they don’t update their personal information.

Enclosed in the email is a link that if clicked on takes subscribers to a site that looks like Netflix’s website — but it’s not.

It’s a fake site that has one goal in mind — to steal your credit card information.

Mailguard first made the discovery and published the findings on their website.

The publication estimates that more than 100 million subscribers have received the email.

In truth, the only way to safeguard yourself from falling victim to scams like this is to refrain from clicking on a link in an email, especially one prompting you for payment or login information.

If your account is truly in need of being updated, you can visit the site directly and login to your account securely.

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