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Do you ever long for the days when you would go to your local video store, say, Blockbuster, and browse the racks of VHS tapes and DVDs for the perfect movie night selection and grab some Twizzlers on your way out? Good luck finding a Blockbuster. In Charlotte, your choices for renting a physical piece of cinematic media is limited. VisArt Video and the public library are the only options that come to mind. But Blockbuster still exists in other parts of the country.

Despite going bankrupt in 2010 and closing 1,700 stores, there are still ten Blockbuster locations operating in three states: six in Alaska, three in Oregon, and one in Texas. Why so many in Alaska? Internet service there is not nearly as reliable, affordable, or even as available as in the lower forty-eight states, so streaming movies is not an option for many Alaska residents. They still need DVDs. And the Alaskan locations have actually become tourist attractions for nostalgia buffs. Long live Blockbuster!