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Do you have a child who desperately wants a puppy for Christmas? There’s nothing cuter than a child’s face lighting up at the sight of a little four-legged fuzz ball under the tree. But that kind of gift comes with a lot of responsibility. Who’s going to feed, walk, and clean up after it? Unless you’re totally committed to taking care of that new puppy yourself, you might want to redirect your child’s wish toward something else or wait until they’re old enough to handle that responsibility. However, there might soon be a third option.

A company in Massachusetts called Boston Dynamics has been developing some amazing robots, including one called SpotMini. It behaves and moves very much like a dog, but without the barking, biting, or pooping. You can’t buy one yet, so you have some time to save up. When SpotMini does become available, it will likely cost more than your car.