Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

I realize this is a sad story, but I saw it earlier this week, and I couldn’t get it off my mind. There’s a family in Georgia that is trying to make this Christmas the very best for their son Brantley. Brantley was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor almost two years ago. Brantley is six years old. Brantley, somehow, has lived longer than doctors thought he would, but this will be his last Christmas. The Dobbs family began celebrating Christmas this year as soon as Halloween was over, and the ornaments, decorations, and gifts are the perfect distraction for Brantley while he receives hospice care. Brantley has asked for Christmas ornaments this year, so if while you’re in stores shopping, or shopping online, if you come across something fun, please feel free to send it to Brantley and his family. You can find out more details on Brantley, his family, and where to send an ornament here. And thank you! 🙂