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Intern's Corner with Grant: Social Media Recaps

I'm just now getting over a pretty awful cold I've had for the past few days. So after trudging into the office this morning with what remains of my sore throat and cough, I was pleased to find out I wouldn't be doing anything too exciting or exertive.

Social media recaps are an essential part of digital content management, they're basically a collection of advertisements by a particular client that have appeared on the stations' social media.

I trekked over to Mark, you might remember him from my last post, he went over the basics of dragging screenshots into the template and adding up analytics. From there I went to work on a recap for Lebo's boots and began to seriously wonder why a pair of good cowboy boots isn't something that I own. After that was done and approved, it was on to a recap for the Teen Health Connection on raising awareness for prescription drug abuse. Wax on, wax off, repetition is the name of the game in recaps.

We didn't always do social media recaps in Charlotte, only in the last year have they really become a thing in this market. Either way, they've become an important, albeit pretty boring, part of the digital content. Boring or not, education is the key, and I can do one more thing today that I couldn't do yesterday.


Grant Fagan is an intern and broadcasting student