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Snow in Charlotte? Fun Things to do Inside & Out!

Winter is here and we all need some fun things to do! And guess what Queen City? We have a potential snow day today, so go buy your bread and milk and get ready for some inside and outside fun!

Take a skate around the Winter Wonderland Ice Rink! Relish the magic of Charlotte's newest open-air ice skating rink and ultimate holiday destination. Winter Wonderland's ice skating rink features fun for the entire family including holiday lights and decor as well as attractions, such as Santa's Pub.

Cozy up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa or tea and enjoy a holiday film. Unwind and relax while the snow falls outside. Our holiday film suggestions include How the Grinch Stole Christmas and ELF!

Take a sleigh ride! Grab your sled or the cover to your garbage can and take a ride down some of the amazing hills Charlotte has to offer.

Share your creativity and paint the snow! Get out some old paint or even nail polish and let your artsy side free by making that pure white snow as colorful as can be!

Make some candy! It's easier than it sounds, but making your own candy is experimental and fun. Take advantage of the time to learn something new for a few hours by pulling up a YouTube video and testing your DIY candy making skills.


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