Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

I’m definitely more of a dog girl, but I saw a story on a Charlotte cat cafe, and I thought it was cool! If you’re a cat person, this is a place you should check out. “Mac Tabby Cat Cafe” is a place for cat enthusiasts to hang out with their furry friends. It’s located 516 East 15th Street, and it’s set up like a coffee shop. The cafe currently serves coffee, and is hoping to eventually serve alcohol. You can bring your cat with you to hang out, or if you’re looking for a new addition to the family, the cafe is home to several cats that are looking for a forever home. Currently, the cafe requires an appointments, as the owner, Lori Konawalik, doesn’t want too many folks in the cafe at one time, for fear of stressing out the animals. The cafe offers yoga, a paint class, story time, and more! If you’re a cat lover, this is a place you should check out. Find out more info on the cafe here.