Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images

For most of my life, I have lived in the Charlotte/Gastonia area. I spent the 80’s going to rock shows at the “old, old” Charlotte Coliseum, which is now called the Bojangles Coliseum. I remember being dropped off for shows at the age of 15 years old, and meeting my friends. In my 20’s, I used to see shows at Tremont, Amos’ (when it was on Park Road), the Double Door, and a club called Jeremiah’s on Independence Blvd.

SO many fun memories! We used to go for food late night at Athens Restaurant or The Knife & Fork, both which are no longer around. I moved away from Charlotte in the late 90’s and came back in 2006. When I moved back, I’d still hit shows at Amos’, Tremont, and the Double Door. Within the last few years, all of these clubs have closed and/or been torn down. The landscape of the Charlotte I used to know is going away. Which is why seeing this story last night made me happy.

There’s a new rock bar opening for us “older” Charlotte rockers. I don’t personally know the guys opening the new RNR bar in Plaza Midwood, but I’m stoked someone is doing it! Makes the rocker chick in me wanna go out and support these local dudes. You can read all the details about the barĀ here. Maybe I’ll see ya out and we can grab a drink!