Phil Walter/Getty Images

Another Rare Eclipse Coming!

Are you still getting over your case of "Great American Eclipse fever" from last summer? If you're completely hooked on noteworthy celestial events, you can see another rare eclipse later this month.

For the first time since 1886, a total lunar eclipse will occur with a blue moon, a.k.a. the second full moon of the month. It will also be a super moon, which happens when the moon is at or near the closest point to Earth in its orbit and looks bigger and brighter than a regular full moon.

Now this part is a little confusing. According to NASA, the blue moon, which isn't really blue, will appear to have a reddish hue because of the way the Earth's atmosphere bends light. The important thing is to look for it on the morning of Wednesday, January 31st. And, no, you don't have to buy special glasses  for this one.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images