Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Yesterday, I had to go see my primary care physician for my yearly physical. I love my doctor…she’s a trip! BUT….I do have a few issues with how things roll at the doctor’s office. I understand that procedures need to be in place, but I have a few suggestions. For instance, WHY do they weigh you and THEN take your blood pressure? My blood pressure was crazy high! And it was so high because I got on the scale, and saw how much weight I’ve really gained! Nothing makes your blood pressure shoot up like realizing you’re a fat chick! Lol! Also, I think once you let the receptionist know you’re there, they should give you a “beeper”, like you get at a restaurant. It can “beep” or light up 15 minutes before the doctor can see you. This eliminates hanging out in the waiting room for an hour with folks that have the flu, or worse!

I left knowing that my eyesight is worse, I’m too heavy, out of shape, and have high blood pressure. My birthday is Friday, so noooooooooo. No…I don’t feel old. Good times!

Obviously, this was written with a sense of humor. My sarcasm keeps me sane. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. 🙂