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I like to think of myself as a responsible dog owner. When I take Cali and Cocoa for a walk, my pockets are always stuffed with plastic bags for the inevitable pit stops. Picking up after a dog is not the most pleasant chore, but having to sidestep canine “landmines” is even less pleasant. Not all of my neighbors are as thorough with their waste removal. Perhaps they’re hoping the city will come along and collect it for them. That might happen someday if the city ever decides to harness the power of dog poop.

The town of Malvern Hills in England is home to the UK’s first puppy poop-powered street lamp. The lamp is connected to an anaerobic digester that converts dog waste into methane and fertilizer. Ten bags of poop can provide approximately two hours of light.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

This is nothing new for the Brits, who have a long heritage of avid dog ownership. In 2014, a UK company called GENeco introduced a “Bio-Bus” that runs on sewage and food waste. Sounds like something out of Back to the Future.

Poop power is even being generated on this side of the pond. Dog waste is being collected at three parks in Waterloo, Canada for conversion into electricity and fertilizer. Imagine if the same could be done with all of the b.s. produced in Washington. Free electricity for everyone!

Joe Raedle/Getty Images