Photo by Harry Benson/Daily Express/Getty Images

Ummmmm......I Think I'll Just Look Old.......

So, I have a birthday this Friday. I'll be 48 years old. I am not usually one to stress out over birthdays, and getting older, but for some reason, this birthday is freaking me out a little. I know, age is just a number, but I definitely have some "birthday anxiety" this year. That said, I think I'd rather get wrinkles than do this everyday. "Facercise" is yoga for the face, and can make you look three years younger, according to a new study. I tried a few of these moves this morning, and couldn't stop laughing. I have no doubt these exercises help to diminish wrinkles, but I'm just not sure I can get through them without losing it! If you're interested, and more mature than me, here's the "Facercise" video for ya. Enjoy!
If you do this at work with some co-workers, please, get video. 🙂