Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

'Piggyback Driver' Puts Kids In 'Control' Of Parents

There was a time when I was the Piggyback King, but that time was many years ago. My oldest son is now taller than me and driving his own car. My youngest is not far behind in both cases. But even when I could still hoist them up on my shoulders, I felt like I should be the one deciding where we went. For example, walking to the playground as opposed to walking into traffic.

I've already weighed in with my feelings about the Pony Up Daddy saddles that allow kids to ride their parents like thoroughbreds. I'm not a fan, mostly because I don't think my back could take it anymore. Parents could also run the risk of relinquishing control within the family. OK, probably not...but why take chances!?!

The newest threat to parental authority is the Piggyback Driver helmet, which lets kids feel like they're "driving" Mom and Dad. Obviously, it's meant to be fun, and parents can still safely "steer" the experience. Would you buy and wear one?