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Reason #721 Why The 80's Were Awesome.......

I spend a lot of time online for work, and I visit numerous sites. Yesterday, on a site called Mashable, I stumbled across some vintage Wendy's training videos from the 80's, and they are awesome! I actually spent 20 minutes looking at all of them. Yes...THIS is what I do for!
If you are a fan of the 80's, or you grew up in the 80's, go ahead and clear a few minutes from your schedule. My favorite is the Wendy's "cold drinks" video. This thing looks like a video you'd see in rotation on MTV in the 80's. It is hilarious! You can check out all the vintage videos here and the "cold drinks" video is below. Every time I watch this, I keep waiting on Bobby Brown or Paula Abdul to make an appearance. Enjoy the laughs!