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Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

It’s a banner winter in Charlotte. We’ve already had snow once with a chance for more tomorrow. You know what that means: snow day. And all the children say, “Amen!”

Some people think that snow makes a great visual and that’s it. Pretty to look at, no need to be in it. But other folks love to get out in the white stuff as soon as the first flake flutters to the ground. Whichever side of the shovel you’re on, here are some fun ways to enjoy a snow day:

10. Build an igloo.

9. Make a cozy blanket nest on the couch.

8. Make snow candy or snow cream. (Click here to see how!)

7. Whip up French toast with all the bread and milk you bought.

6. Build a snowman.

5. Movie marathon.

4. Snowball fight.

3. Drop some marshmallows in your hot cocoa.

2. Sledding.

1. Sleeping.