What’s the #1 rule at any radio station? No beverages in the studio! One spill could fry the equipment and take us off the air. Our engineers really hate when that happens.

Here’s the thing, though. When you start your workday at 5:00 AM like we do, there’s no way to function without coffee. I learned the hard way to avoid top-heavy styrofoam cups and to use a ceramic mug instead. But even the mug has an open top, so the risk of spillage is still there. And not all cups with lids are fool-proof either…until now.

Meet Mighty Mug, the mug that never spills. It literally stands up to accidental bumps from any angle. Mighty Mug uses patented SmartGrip Technology, which helps the bottom grip any smooth, flat surface but you can still lift it easily. I wonder if it was invented by a radio engineer.

Another nice feature of Mighty Mug is that it costs less than $25. Watch it in action: