As a longtime member of the YMCA, I have mixed feelings about all of the “New Year’s Resolutionaries” who join the gym every January. On one hand, it’s great to see so many new members supporting the Y. On the other hand, parking and finding a treadmill become a challenge this time of year. On yet another hand, it’s encouraging to see more people taking their health and fitness seriously. But on one more hand, the newbies don’t always grasp gym or pool etiquette as quickly as I would like.

Here are some annoying gym habits you might encounter where you workout:

10. “Gallon-of-water guy/gal” hogging fountain

9. Lifting shirt to admire abs in mirror

8. Overdoing it with cologne or perfume

7. Not returning weights or equipment to racks

6. Spitting water or clearing nose in pool

Tony Duffy/Getty Images

5. Camping out on machine or in lap lane

4. Excessive grunting

3. Dropping weights

2. Boundary-pushing personal grooming in locker room

(tie) 1. Not wiping down machines/Leaving towels behind