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A Photo Of Ed Sheeran Has Just Appeared In An Obituary

What in the world?

This morning the twitterverse was abuzz with a photo of Ed Sheeran published in an obituary.

Don't worry fans, Sheeran is very much alive!

For unknown reasons, a photo of the pop star appeared in a Icelandic newspaper in the middle of an obituary for an 82 year-old-man.

Talk about confusing ...

Ósk on Twitter

This obituary appeared in today's @morgunbladid (Icelandic newspaper) I think someone might be getting fired today. #rip @edsheeran

Hanna on Twitter

@edsheeran there was an obituary on @morgunbladid and a picture of you????just thought you wanted to know(I can't with this????)

We happen to agree with the first twitter user ... someone is probably getting fired today!

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